About Us

Onat Kimya , founded in 1997,  is located in Istanbul. The range of  products being dealt with covers a variety of chemicals, mostly finding their use in chemistry in the industrial field.

Onat Kimya, has a manufacturing base in Tuzla Organized Leather Industrial Zone in Istanbul. Here, we produce several products in a facility of five chemical reactors and one thin film evaporator. Main products are cellophane glue, leather chemicals and Oil Fatty Acids. In addition, our company makes in custom manufacturing at the request of other companies. Our trading activities in the chemicals sector, on a wide scale relate to, range  from leather chemicals to coating chemicals, mostly aiming Turkish domestic market.

Our company has at present 7 employees, with a distinguished management team of 2, all devoted to their work for full customer satisfaction on a double-win basis.

We are at your full disposal with our services any time and wherever you are on earth, on punctual schedule , always fairly and competitively, whenever you need a trustworthy hand in your business.